When people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them:

“I help executives and individuals significantly elevate their performance and get results – in every aspect of their lives.”


“I show people how to design a life on purpose – to live lives of liberation and freedom in which everything they do has meaning and value.”

Hi! I’m Sunny, I love collaborating with executives, teams, and individuals to identify the changes they desire to achieve the goals they want to reach – both personally and professionally.

People come to me when they want the tools to implement a different process for accomplishing their life desires. Together we will come up with actionable strategies, that will serve your higher purpose. Strategies to create transformative change in you and by extension it will positively effect all of your relationships – at home and in the office.

Helping others to achieve their dreams and reach their higher potential is why I do the work that I do!

I have a 10+ year background in coaching, sales, and marketing. I’ve worked with huge brands, small brands, and everything in between. I have a unique perspective on what it takes to manifest your desires both personally and professionally – (hint the two are not separate!)

Her adoring fans + clients have called her “inspiring” and “passionate,” and one woman called her “the change agent” to watch in 2017.

When I’m not coaching or posting pics of my explorations on Instagram—I also work with amazing companies as a account manager. I’m either creating workshops or training’s or facilitating strategy calls here in San Francisco.


Here are 10 more fun facts about me…

1. I have a deep desire to travel the world and experience how other cultures live. I made a promise to myself to leave the country at least twice a year and drive the whole US.

2. My grandmother who is now 89 got her masters in sociology, she introduced me to psychology at a young age (hence the fascination with human behavior, and why I started coaching my friends in elementary school!)

3. My first time on an airplane was when I was 21, and it was to Paris.

4. I lived in the same home until I was 18, but since then have moved 15 times – I like exploring new places and tend to move once a year.

5. If I could live in Europe I would move to Italy, I had the opportunity to visit last summer and I fell in love!

6. My absolute favorite food is Thai food, I could it it everyday for the rest of my life.

7. I am an avid reader and tend to read 5 books at a time, I still have not converted to a Kindle.. There is something about holding a fresh new book in your hands and being able to highlight and underline everything that still brings me so much joy!

8. My mom signed me up for ballet when I was 3 years old because I was not the most graceful child (I am very clumsy and to this day still trip over air), ballet classes did not last long.

9. I try very hard to maintain a Paleo diet but I have a weakness for pizza dipped in ranch dressing.

10. When I finally sat down to look at my life and what I desired most instead of what I thought “I should be doing” I rediscovered what I was truly passionate about, which is serving others. Once I got intentional about my path everything started falling into place. I believe that when your values align with your purpose it matches your vibrational energy of the universe and the doors start opening to you living from your true potential. One quote that I love that encompasses this is – “It’s never to late to be what you might have been.”

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